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The Unboxing Tech Toolkit translated and adapted in German by

The Unboxing Tech Toolkit developed by The Pranava Institute, was translated and adapted by for the German-speaking countries to be used by young adults, parents and teachers., is an initiative supported by the European Union which supports children, young people, parents and teachers in the safe, competent and responsible use of digital media.

The Unboxing Tech Toolkit is a tool with which students learn to understand how smartphones and apps work and which mechanisms encourage them to use the applications for longer. Credits:
The Unboxing Tech Toolkit - The Design did it, not me!

The Unboxing Tech Toolkit: The Design did it, not me!

The Unboxing Tech toolkit is a guide to understanding your smartphone better. Designed with and for young people, this toolkit offers playful and interactive activities to understand how 'dark patterns' can tune our behaviour, emotions, and attention. Most importantly, the toolkit offers simple ways for you to regain control. The toolkit was supported by Tactical Tech.

The toolkit offers a compact summary on the subject of dark patterns, persuasive design etc., whereby individual pages can also be selected and used for teaching. Credits:


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